He delivers and rescues

November 28, 2013 7:37 pm

„He delivers and rescues,
he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth;
for he has saved Daniel
from the power of the lions.”. (Daniel 6:28)

A few days before we found out that our youngest son was conceived, I had a chirurgical intervention and I got a strong dose of anaesthetics. After that I took an antibiotic that is also prohibited during pregnancy but we were not aware that Michał was already there. So at the beginning of his life we were worried about his state of health and we were in fear for his life All the more we entrusted the situation to God. A this time we read the story of King Nebuchadnezzar who let throw three young men into the furnace. They experience a miraculous intervention of God: “But the angel of the Lord came down into the furnace to be with Azariah and his companions, and drove the fiery flame out of the furnace, 50 and made the inside of the furnace as though a moist wind were whistling through it. The fire did not touch them at all and caused them no pain or distress (Daniel 3: 49-50). I clutched to this story and asked God to send us also an angel who will save him.

Our Michał is 9 moths old now. He is healthy, very joyful and develops very well. And the first word accompanying his birth was Angel, because he was born precisely at noon, when we heard bells ringing for Angelus Dominus.

„For there is no other god who is able to deliver in this way.” (Daniel 3: 96)



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