Happy Anniversary!

December 4, 2014 8:55 am

It was one year ago when Fr. Jay started writing his short homilies, and said after a couple of days: “Maybe I could continue like that for a year”. As this coincided with his one-year trip away from Poland, his homeland where he is missed much while away, I thought to myself: “Well, what an an excellent idea! No matter what place the Providence throws him in, there will be a message to lean on.” It was also a good challenge for a marathon runner, who had proved so many times that he was capable of making a long-term commitment.

Ever since then the homilies have continued to appear each day. If there were any breaks in the process, they were due only to technical website problems.

We have all sorts of meditations on the Word of God published in lots of places, but what is so wonderful about Fr. Jay’s homilies is that they always rely on the positives. On the faith of God in humanity, on His love, on His infinite proximity and support for us. They never present a crude examination of the Reader’s conscience–as this type of writing sometimes does–but always offer a gentle, loving, father-like assistance instead of “preaching”.

Bearing in mind the Father’s missionary life of a traveller among families on more than one continent, the stories behind those homilies could probably make a separate book of places visited, including most bizarre hot spots where internet was available. All the more, we’re grateful that those short texts continue to flow in and shed light on our daily concerns, offering encouragement and calming down restless hearts.

Happy Anniversary, Fr. Jay! And keep on writing 🙂


The Familty Support Foundation’s Blog Editor in Chief

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