October 23, 2013 8:42 pm

There are still two weeks to go and America does not think about anything else. We could see Halloween decorations many days ago. In all public places like shops and restaurants Halloween elements are exposed. When I ask people about it, they find it strange that I find it strange. It is their tradition!

I’m trying to remain unbiased.

I remember the performance of “Forefathers’ Eve” (“Dziady”) by Adam Mickiewicz in our high school. There was the Sorcier and the invoked and I also played a significant part.

For Americans Halloween is such a natural part of the year that it’s difficult to discuss. Of course they believe in the communion of saints and they know that it is the All Saint’s Day. But there is also the tradition of Halloween – the awful masks, skeletons, hideous decorations…

One man`s meat is another man`s poison, we say. They have their Halloween their Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day when you have to eat turkey… Perhaps we are irritated by import? The indiscriminate import of everything.

We sprinkle our heads with ash on Ash Wednesday. Americans put the cross on their foreheads with ash mingled with oil so that it is there for a long time. And you can see people with crosses on their foreheads at work and in the street.

Still from Omaha

Fr. Jay

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