Great things happen

October 16, 2012 8:30 am

when we endure patiently in everyday life.

Something wonderful has been happening in the last 19 years: FertilityCare/NaProTECHNOLOGY has become available to Spanish speaking nations.

The largest Latin American delegation ever took part in Pope Paul VI Programs this year: 7 professionals and 3 priests – from Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil. A strong branch of a beautiful tree of life.

Dream began in ’94 with a Mexican doctor who knew how to persevere in fruitful prayers, which caused a crazy, fearless and inspiring Mexican woman, Eloisa, to join Education Program in Omaha in 2009 and become a representative for couples for this part of the world. Since then, almost 15 FertilityCare Professionals, and also priests, from Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain and Colombia, have completed PPVI I programs and have been working silently as the apostles of Humanae Vitae at many fronts of their places of origin, as well in the US.

Inquiries grew and took Dr. Hilgers, Dr. Keefe, Dr. Aldana and Dr. Diaz to Costa Rica, Colombia and Argentina. Some FCP programs are already being taught in those places.

By 2013, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Gibraltar, USA and Spain will be home to at least 11 FCP programs taught in Spanish!

This confirms that great things happen when we endure patiently in everyday life. A great opening of the Year of Faith for the global FertilityCare community!


Beatriz GonzalezBeatriz Gonzalez, Mexico, wife and mother. Social entrepreneur and development consultant. Committed promotor of FertilityCare in Spanish ever since she and her husband became clients in 2006. FertilityCare Practitioner Intern at Pope Paul VI Institute. She leads a CrMs FertilityCare Program/Vida Florida Latinamerica based in Mexico City, which reaches to date clients of México, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile. Translates the Family Support Foundation blog into Spanish.

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