Goodbye Omaha, Buenas tardes Mexico

October 26, 2013 12:33 pm

Time passed so quickly! I arrived lat at night on October, 9 and now the new stage of this journey is about to begin. The flight is scheduled for 6:00. Which means I should leave before 4 o’clock. A two hours’ flight to Houston, TX, and there I’ll have to wait two hours and a half for the final part of the trip – to Mexico. From Omaha, with 400,000 inhabitants, I’ll be moving to Mexico City with population of 22,000,000. What’s interesting, as far as territory is concerned, Poland is similar to the state of New Mexico (USA), and Mexico, which is my destination, is 6 times as large as Poland.

It’s my third trip to Mexico – however, for the first time for such a long time. Until now my stays used to last about a week. I’ve heard some place is being prepared for me, but the emotions which encompany this journey are great, of course. Which is normal, I guess. All the more so, I hope to be supported with your prayers.

And I surround you with my prayer,

on the move

Fr. Jay / Padre Jota

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