March 6, 2013 5:19 pm

Before I go on to write a few words about the Conference, I have to mention Fr. John. It’s a most unusual priest. He’s been the chaplain to students for 14 years, and at the same time – a parish priest of one of the parishes. He gave up his room in Chaplaincy for the students, and moved to a tiny room in the basement. From dawn to dusk he is there in the Chaplaincy for the students. When I was leaving at 10 p.m., he was still talking to somebody. He is the soul of that house. It was his idea to hold this mini-conference:


Students, adults, priests, from different countries. The first speaker was Fr. James Pereiro, who “stole” the beginning of my talk, because he apologized for his accent. It seems to be not only my problem then. 🙂 After a short break we started our journey along “Love and Responsinility” by Blessed John Paul II.


It was nice to see people interested in the subject and reacting to the content – both by being very focuesd or laughing. At the end there was a discussion which showed that the subject was practical and important.

Now, once it’s over – I feel a great relief in my heart. And I feel I need some well-deserved rest. Until Friday, because on Friday I should be in Brussels getting ready for the I+YOU=WE couple retreat.

Thank you for your loyal assistance in prayer for a priest from Poland, cast here and there to do his service. Please, continue to remember me in your prayers. 🙂

With heartfelt prayer,

Your Scottish correspondent,

Fr. Jay

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