Give thanks

February 7, 2014 9:48 am

“The Lord took away his sins, making his strength ever greater; he gave him a royal covenant, and a glorious throne in Israel.” (Sirach 47:11).

He gave thanks: “In all his activities he gave thanks to the Holy One Most High in words of glory; he put all his heart into his songs out of love for his Creator” (Sir 47:8).

We have spent some time listening to the story of David in the recent Bible readings. The good and bad episodes. “The Lord took away his sins” because “in all his activities he gave thanks” and “put all his heart… out of love for his Creator”.

A man of full passion. Always hot. Never lukewarm.

“Gave thanks” expresses full respect to the Holy One. And the proper answer for us, His creatures. I like to start a new day just with a simple “gave thanks”. It is like going back to the recent events, and looking at them in a different way – through God’s presence. When He is present, everything changes. He is the Holy One Most High.

“Clothe us, Lord God, with the virtues of the Heart of your Son and set us aflame with his love, that, conformed to his image, we may merit a share in eternal redemption”. (Collect).


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