From the Program Participant

November 13, 2012 5:00 am

To express what I felt last weekend, I will tell you a fragment of the history of my life. Although I grew inside a Catholic enviroment, as soon as I could I left the Church and tried to live a life of my own, counting only on my own strength. After some difficult years when I felt alone, only thanks to Asia I had the oportunity to reach to Christ again. I usually accompanied Asia to the Mass on Sunday, and whenever I looked at the Cross, I saw that Christ was alive, that this was not only a piece of wood inside a beautifull building. My conversion started then, on those Masses, where I was toghether with my wife. And I felt love in my heart, big love from outside. When I looked at the elderly women who had come to the Mass, I did not look at them with sceptical eyes. I no loger accused them of being hypocritical, I only felt love for those people. At that time I lost my job, and the first thing I did was to look for my wife and toghether we went to the church to get this PEACE, this love I had felt many times before. Well, this was the beginning of my re-encounter with Christ.

Before the last weekend, at home with Asia everyhting was really difficult; as we were not able to live toghether, we started to live a relationship built on compromise, in which we used to disturb each other as little as possible to avoid arguments. On Saturday, during the first workshop when I had to describe my wife I felt a huge love for her, only comperarable to the one I felt those days in the church, a love which only God can give us. This is why I’m sure God wants to strengthen our marriage. He gave us that weekend, He gave me each person I met and listened to – to renew our marriage. That is why on Sunday we were able to renew our marriage vows, and I feel I have received a new strenght and encouragement to start this new stage. I only beg God to help me fight with my weaknesses and to keep  evil far away from our marriage.

Peace be with you.

Jesús G.N.M.*

*Jesús and his Wife Asia took part in the I+YOU=WE Program held in Wrocław, Poland, last weekend. [note from Editors]

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