From his heart

February 13, 2019 6:00 am

“But what comes out of the man, that is what defiles him. From within the man, from his heart, come evil thoughts, unchastity, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, licentiousness, envy, blasphemy, arrogance, folly. All these evils come from within and they defile.” (MK 7: 20-23)

How frightening it is—all of these horrible things could be in our hearts. How important it is to protect our hearts and make them full of gentleness, respect and the free, creative and joyful gift of self. When our hearts are connected with Our Lord’s Most Sacred Heart, we can bring so many benefits to our relatives and friends.

“Your word, O Lord, is truth: consecrate us in the truth.” (Gospel Acclamation)


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