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April 12, 2013 6:51 pm

Finally we stayed with Michał in Chicago. We re flying only tomorrow provided our plane takes off. So we had a whole day for ourselves to recover after the very active time and after a long journey. Our friends from Chicago, Janina and Janusz, took care of us. They collected us at night and just before four o’clock at night we were in beds. In this way Michał could see Chicago (from the windows of the plane) and admire the real skyscrapers – they truly seemed to scrape the sky because of the rain and mist that obscured their tops. But we visited the monuments of Kościuszko and Kopernik.
We also had time for a Holy Mass in a true Chicago parish (the parish of Father Tadeusz), where everything is in Polish, all the inscriptions, although there is an English translation for foreigners as it turns out that there are still people in Chicago who don’t understand Polish. So we had a very flexible beginning of our stay in the States – we were abroad but everything was in Polish. Tomorrow the real stuff begins – everything in American.
Thank you for your support – thanks to you we manage to cope:)

Your foreign correspondent
Fr. Jay

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