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January 18, 2014 11:02 am

“Follow Me” (Mk 2:14)

He said to Matthew. I am so happy that He looks at us in a totally different way than other people do. ‘Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?” (Mk 2:16).

I think Heaven is full of people who, if it had depended on us, would have received the permission to be accepted to purgatory at the most.

He invited tax collectors and sinners to accompany Him. He has also invited us. He has invited you to be a husband or wife, not because you are faultless, but because He loves you and knows your potential. And He gave you the best person in the world to help you to be that kind of person.

“Follow me” is to join Him in our daily life. With prayer we are able to be more focused on our vocation. With Him we are able to see the others in a different perspective. Like He sees us. He saw Mathew’s heart, not his profession. He saw his future, not the past. His saw in him an apostle, God’s child and evangelist.

How do you look at your husband or wife – do you see their past or their potential?

The only way to learn how to look at the other people is to look at Our Lord and ask Him for His eyes and His heart to see the others properly. We all need to follow Him.


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