January 25, 2013 2:30 pm

I don’t know really, why I, as a man, find myself so “far” from the flowers that my wife, as a woman, likes so much. The flower shop is so close. I could even order flowers every day, knocking on my wall, with Morse code.

But… every day a flower, when I’m busy with so many things and problems? I ‘ve bought flowers already, it was only a month a go, well, perhaps three months ago, because it was for her birthday. What if I simply added flowers to normal shopping? It could be then regular.

After a lengthy analysis, many decisions and about ten unsuccessful attempts I did it and a bouquet, the expression of disinterested love, came back to the vase. Well, manhood is a difficult material. Not only for a woman. But I, as a man, like challenges.

And all this because “what do need love for if we don’t show it” *


*heard in some film.


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