First thing first

September 9, 2012 5:00 am

So Day 1 is behind. It turned out that the Program really is in English. All announcements in English, slides in Elnglish, materials in English… Even Poles, as lecturers, speak English only. What a relief that the Mass was in Polish! With the homily both in Polish – and in English.

So the students might be thinking: “Why on Earth have I come here? This is more than I can handle! I should have learnt more! No chance for me to pass the exam! Those Americans  speak terribly, you just can’t understand them!…” And you could go on like that for an hour or so.  😉

Well. Apart from the sympathy there is the awareness that most of us who have already taken part in the program – survived!

Which does not change the fact that the first day is difficult. Tomorrow it will be probably even more difficult. But in a while the medical terms will become more familiar, the accent won’t be so disturbing and the words will flow into sentences.

And we should remember about the students in our prayers. So that they don’t give up. And if your Guardian Angel speaks good American, you can send Him to help them.

Good luck, People!

Fr Jay



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