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August 8, 2013 9:10 pm

The organisation that takes care of all the activities related to the Creighton model and NaProTechnology. Besides the co-creators of the model, the secretary and the theologian, in the Council there are representatives of different continents. A part of the meeting was devoted to the report on the development of NaProTechnology in the world. There followed a long discussion and searching for right solutions. This is my third meeting of this kind. It takes place only once in a year and each year there are more subjects to tackle.

Apart from the US, only Poland can boast such a development ans such a number of trainers and specialists in this field. We can be proud.

We can see at such a meeting how much we have managed to achieve. Just like with everything else: efforts made each day and obstacles conquered on the way add up to a concrete good that – if we see it in a perspective – can give us joy, fulfilment and strength to further work in every field.

Soon after the meeting another meeting began, this time of the American Academy for FertilityCare Professionals, that will last until the end of the week.

So I can admire New Orleans only from my hotel window.

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Fr Jay

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