Fathers and sons

December 14, 2013 10:38 pm

“To turn back the hearts of fathers toward their sons” Sirach 48, 10

Advent is a time of great expectation. We will welcome the Son of God. Who comes to restore our relation with God the Father. A Person, who is really in charge during this time is Our Lady. We look at Her, when She is expecting the birth of Her Son. All in Her life is dedicated to Him. “Per Mariam ad Jesum”. (in latin) “By Mary to Jesus”.

But this is not the end of the story. She also helps us to go back to God, the Father.
God gave us life, all talents, potential but we chose sin. My perspective, my goals, my expectations, my… my… my… People are not interested in following God’s will. They prefer theirs.

Christmas is not only a great occasion to celebrate the birth of the Son of God, but also an occasion to choose again God, the Father almighty, the Maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible, the Creator of Life. Because when we choose Him, we will put everything in order. When God is in the first place, everything is in place. And all of us need to put everything in place. Probably everyone found in his/hers life, how difficult it is to find anything if there is mess.

We are preparing ourselves to celebrate Christmas. We are concerned about meals, presents, visiting parents and friends. It is important. But it is also so important to check where God the Father is in my life. Am I following God’s will?, am I in good conscience?, when was my last confession? do I pray regularly? When God is in the first place, everything is in place.

The perfect sign is relation father – son. Relation full of trust, pride, support, respect, acceptance and love. Without God this relation could be anger, expectations, limits, orders, and even rejection.

We should pray for such situations not to happen – when a father rejects his son. And we know that the cure comes only from God. He, and only He can cure rejected sons and fathers and bring them back to a good relation. And He has always a word of hope. He never rejected us, even when we were very bad sinners. He always loves us. And He always can turn back the hearts of fathers toward their sons.

Advent is the time for all of us to go back to Our Heavenly Father to learn from Him how to trust, take care, respect, support and love. Put Him in the first place, trust Him and He will help you the way you would never expect.

“To turn back the hearts of fathers toward their sons” Sirach 48, 10

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