Father Jerzy Bajda, R.I.P.

December 11, 2012 7:57 pm

Yesterday, early in the morning, father Professor Jerzy Bajda left for a better place.

He’s always been in the Institute. I used to listen to his lectures and later I was privileged to work with him. He was a great man. Free in all aspects. He didn’t keep anything for himself. He chose to live at his friends’ place, although he could live anywhere. He would always arrive by bus, well protected against the unpleasant caprices of the weather. He was always joyful and smiling.

I seem to connect him with 29, Humanae vitae and especially with the fragment ‘bitterly severe toward sin, but patient and abounding in mercy toward sinners’. He always fought for the truth. Though I know that not many readers of our blog were able to know that man (unless they read his materials), I would like to mention him. There are only a few who understand the teaching of John Paul II as well as he did. We can count on his prayers. And now let us pray for him.

Fr Jay


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