Even a child knows

February 3, 2013 7:46 pm
Because this winter holidays is going in our home in the illness mode, I watch with my 9-year-old daughter “Prince Caspian”.

In the final scene of the battle for life and death, little Lucy Pevensie mounts a horse and goes off to look for Aslan. When all the forces should be put to the battle, she moves in the opposite direction.

This is such a moment – of overburdening with urgent projects where the good of my family and other people is at stake. It happens a lot. In fact what I should do is to stop sleeping and freeze physiology. And certainly, according to common sense, limit the time for prayer.

Little Lucy listens to hear heart and goes to look for the one who knows all the answers. He also has the time for a fond welcome and a conversation, although it looks like Narnia is going to lose any moment now.

And then comes the scene when Lucy, at Aslan’s side, faces the hundreds of the enemy’s army. And this is the end of the battle. One roar of the Lion who has been asked to come to the site of the battle. All is saved.

I need this logic.



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