Education Phase 1

October 11, 2013 3:46 pm

Thank you all for the words of support in this new challenge. It helps me when I know we’re together.

The journey was long, but so was the distance. Almost 10-hour flight, 6 hours of waiting at Chicago airport, and one more hour needed to get to Omaha, where I’m going to spend the next few weeks, devoted to the ministry at Pope Paul VI Institute.

Tomorow begins for the 36th time the Allied Health Education Program for Creighton Model Parctitioners and doctors interested in NaProTechnology. We’re expecting over 80 students from many places in USA and from other countries. It’s a special time for the whole Faculty. The days start very early in the morning and finish very late at night. Parallel to EP1 of the Program is the Love&Life Unlimited Conference for all who care for life and who would like to learn something more about Creighton Model and NaProTechnology, as well as acquire more theological knowledge in that area.

For me it is in the first place the time of meetings with the Students and of my ministry as a chaplain. So many good things are happening in this time. It is also amazing that we can support one another despite the distance.

Keeping you in my prayers,

Fr. Jay

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