Dr. Hilgers' 70th birthday

August 11, 2013 2:41 pm

Today we have been celebrating Doctor Hilgers’ 70th birthday. This is thanks to him that we are all here. If it had not been for his reading of “Humanae vitae” by the Pope Paul VI, we would have neither the Creighton model, nor NaProTechnology, nor the yearly meetings. So everybody wanted to celebrate this occasion in a special way.


Dr Hilgers has spent the last moments of the day with his nearest and dearest: among others, with the youngest of the family, Matthew, with his only daughter Teresa, who is also obstetrician, and with his eldest son Paul. The other sons: Steven and Mike, celebrated this birthday with their own families, but in telephone contact. n the same day 30 years ago also the daughter of Ann Prebil, the co-creator of the Creighton model, was born, too, so we celebrated altogether their 100th birthday. 🙂


I am happy to have been able to witness this family event. We owe so much to Thomas Hilgers. We pray for him and ask God to keep him for many years to come.

With my prayers and wishes of many happy returns for Doctor Hilgers.

Fr. Jay

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