Destination: New Zealand

May 6, 2013 6:40 pm

Today I will have the longest flight in my life. Even though I shall have changes, I will spend 24 hours in the air : Mexico to Los Angeles (5h), then to Sydney (15h) and finally to Auckland in New Zealand (4h).

Although I feel tired after this intensive stay in Mexico, I am very happy. I have never been that far away and I have never flown for so long. Because of time zones I lose one day: I fly on Monday but will arrive only on Wednesday. Now I am 7h behind you, as from Wednesday I will be 10 h ahead of you.

See you on Wednesday, if God allows it. I am leaving some entries and pictures from Mexico so that you can have some fun until the next meeting on-line.

With my prayers,
“Padre Jota” – for the last moments



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