Creative minority

March 2, 2013 10:58 am

We’re after the Connference. The tension slowly subsides. In spite of my stage fright, I managed to speak in a foreign language about the beautiful and fragile gift – human sexuality. And to say how important is what we show and say to our children so that later they can live their lives, creating the civilisation of life and love. Your prayers have helped so much.

The organisers were nicely surprised at the numbers of the participants – though we are all fully aware that we are a minority. But still, as Benedict XVI said, it is a part of society that can contribute to it so much. When Jesus called the 12 Apostles, he knew very well that it is not even a tiny drop.  And He keeps giving us tasks that are beyond our strength.  He wants us to count on Him, trust Him, open ourselves to the grace and try to do the impossible.

And we need to bear in mind that the Catholics are a real minority here – 2% of the society are practising Catholics, a large part of them used to be Anglicans or Methodists, they have the government and the media against them and it requires from them a lot of efforts and work.

After the challenging conference, according to the guidelines of Alfred Hitchcock, we need to go up one level and organise Programme 1 for the British participants. Which means the continuation of prayer alarm with support for our Team.

Fr Jay

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