Colourful Mexico

November 5, 2013 9:36 am

Recently I have happened to move through the city in different directions, mostly through poor districts. What has impressed me particularly is that this city is so full of colours.

A typical poor district as we can imagine in our cities: old houses, not renovated for a very long time; plywood instead of a window pane, doors without hinges. But each of the houses is full of life and of a different colour – this is the work of the inhabitants who paint their world blue, red, green, yellow, in all possible shades. All streets are full of colourful houses. I have not yet made pictures but as soon as I Have them, I shall put them on this page.

I remember, by contrast, my quarters with their greyness. I don;t mean the modern part of the city but the places that tourists don;t go to – they are full of warm colours.
It is not about hiding poverty. It is still there but it does not prevail.

I am sure there are many reasons for this but I cannot do here an antropogical study. I’m only sharing what has impressed me again when I travelled through the city.

I am enclosing one interior picture.

Remembering you,

Padre J.


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