Class 35

April 21, 2013 9:58 pm

has completed the immersion course. That is always a very solemn day. After the evening Mass there is the closing ceremony and then – endless farewells. It is really difficult to part. Even though it happens repeatedly every year, each time it touches your heart. People who were strangers a couple of days ago, now find it so hard to say goodbye.

As one of the Participants noted on her blog, that is probably the only course in the area of medical science where the participants gather every day at the morning Mass. And they treat it very seriously. This is where all the proximity has its source.

Eucharist makes us closest to each other. Today Lord Jesus tells us again that He is holding our hands and will never let anyone separate us from Him. What a joy, what comfort.

With prayer from Omaha,

Fr. Jay

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