July 13, 2012 7:09 am

Everywhere – children.

In the US you can see them everywhere. At least in the places I also visit: churches, ZOOs, restaurants, national parks. Just like in Poland.

What you can see in Utah, or even just in Slat Lake City, is beyond imagination. I haven’t seen so big families for a long time, nor so many children walking with their parents, or going shopping or watching movies in the cinema.

In SLC and around there are lots of parks, and in the parks – lots of attractions for whole familes. And you can see business booming everywhere. The unemployment rate is the lowest in the US. Where children come to the world, you need houses, churches, schools, shops and in them – priests, teachers, producers, shop-assistants.

In the West of Europe there are no children, because of poverty, crisis, difficult ecomic situation. In Utah there are children, because people enjoy economic prosperity.

Or is it the other way round?

Fr Jay

Salt Lake City, 12.07.2012, 12:22 US Mountain Daylight Time

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