Chaplains' meeting in Wisełka

September 4, 2013 5:22 pm

Immediately after the training in Łomianki came to an end we went to Wisełka to meet with priests who wanted to get more acquainted with the First Program for the Development of Marital Relations, I+You = We.

Priests from the following dioceses: Opole, Siedlce, Warszawa – Praga, Warszawa, Bydgoszcz and Szczecin and friars:   Divide Word Missionary, a Brother of  St. Anthony Mary Claret and a franciscan. Each of them has seen already in their service that there is nothing more important than serving the family. They want to learn and share. So we are together from the matins until late at night. Work, prayer, recreation, some moments of reflection and laughter, the stories of achievements and failures. There has never been such a meeting in isełka – there is not enough space in the presbitery for all the celebrants.

The prayers of so many families that were here over the summer touch us so much. We don’t know yet what fruits this meting will bring but we give to God every moment and difficulty, tiredness of the people living here who have been ceaselessly serving here since June and people from Łomianki who have come here. And we ask you, dear families, for support – pray for those priests so that their hearts burn with an even greater love for families, so that they leave this place strengthened and enthusiastic about this beautiful, if difficult ministry.

Remembering you fondly

Father Jarosław (3 days before the marathon)

[Note from the translator: Please forgive the longer pauses now. Only a week ago our child was born and I am unable to translate regularly. As I have no backup, it means fewer posts and longer pauses.]

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