Cardio workout

December 20, 2012 10:17 am
If only we could have one day, or perhaps half a day, without problems. Impossible. Probably we had in in the paradise, which we have lost. More and more I understand that  that’s what life is all about. About the constant struggle. At making new efforts to overcome difficulties. The time to rest will come later.
When our hearts beat and our breasts move in respiration, it means that the body is still alive. Problems and difficulties show, on the other hand, that we have a next opportunity for our love to grow more mature. And the next one. And the following.

When our heart and respiration stop, we will have only one worry left: that we cannot retrieve those moments that were given us to overcome our weakness. Therefore recently, when I feel overwhelmed by the following day, I cling to the hope that I will manage, even though I have no more strength left, and I thank for the new opportunity to grow.


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