Bringing Him back

January 20, 2014 10:11 am

“But the time will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then, on that day, they will fast.” (Mk 2:20)

It happens from time to time that we lose our contact with God. Prayer is difficult, as if nobody was listening, words sound strange, there is no consolation or joy. We have no idea what to do to change that.

And here is the advice for this particular moment. Fast. A strange word. Who fasts these days? Is it that we fast only on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday?

Fast has a very long tradition and is a great help in our relation with God. Fast helps us to rearrange our priorities. It is not simply a not-eating action. Fast is to remind us of the main purpose of my life. Such as food helps you go on living physically, fast helps you live spiritually. The same role – helps to live. But with the fast, it is easier to remember about our final destination. To live for eternity.

It could be the fast from food or television or sweets, or many other things. To fast is to open my eyes to the mystery, the hidden presence of God in my life. It is an act of solidarity with my Lord fasting for 40 days. I helps me understand once again my vocation, my identity, my priorities. Prayer connected with fasting shows you other layers. And brings Him back to you.

“I am a true vine and you are branches, says the Lord. Whoever reminds in me, and I in him, bears fruit in plenty.” (Cf. Jn 15:1.5)


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