Back to normality?

May 7, 2012 10:31 am

We’ve just come back after a very looooong weekend.* Most probably many of us spent it with family. Today we have to settle back in “normality.” We are getting down to work in order to be able to go with the whole family on holiday very soon – that’s what we have in view.

Was there anything during that weekend that I’d particularly like to repeat? Or maybe some lessons learnt of things I’d rather avoid next time?

And what sounds like “normality” to me? Being together with my family, or being at work?

Fr. Jay

*Because of two festive days, which are public holidays in Poland (May 1 and May 3), the “long weekend” this year lasted as much as 9 days – from the evening of April 27 till Sunday, May 6!

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