As in his own family

March 22, 2013 7:28 pm

„Be very simple with me. What do you do for good morning and good night in your own family? You give a kiss and it’s very natural. And sometimes during the day because of a given word or a gift you exchange a glance. We look at each other with love and fondness. It is so nice and heart-warming.… oh, if only I were allowed to become a bit a family member…” (Gabriela Bossis, He and me, Michalineum 2007, vol. I ,p. 182).

I’d like Jesus so much to feel like a member of our family and not to miss attention, kindness, nice gestures and words. I’d like Him to take a rest in our place.

Through the sacrament of marriage He has become a full member of our family. Does He feel all right with us?



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