A plank or a speck?

June 25, 2012 10:30 am

A man complained to his friend that whenever he went to confession he didn’t know what to say bacause… he suffered from “amnesia”. So his friend told him that he used to have the same problem until he’d found the perfect solution. When he intends to confess, he tries being unpleasant to his wife – to give her a chance to become angry and to list all the things he did wrong during the previous month. 🙂 And he’s ready to confess.

That’s the way it is – remembering the other person’s mistakes is a lot easier than recalling our own faults. And how much happier we’d be if we searched for the symptoms of our own selfishenss – and noticed all the altruistic gestures in other people’s bahvaiour.

I can assure you, we’ll be surprised by both. And our world will become so much more fascinating.

Fr. Jay

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