A piece of truth

September 26, 2013 9:42 pm

A story I’ve heard:
Once a man walked with the devil. They saw another man who stooped and picked something. ‘He’s found a piece of truth’, the devil said. A while later the man in front of them picked something again. ‘He;s found a piece of truth again’. ‘And isn’t that troubling you, are you not angry?’, the man asked. ‘By no means. You see, he;s going to add the missing parts himself and finally a fragment of truth will turn into a lie that he will follow’, the devil answered.

This picture has appealed to me strongly. “A piece of truth” is my observations – what I see, hear and touch. A different thing is my interpretation of them. I often find it difficult to be objective about them. It’s so easy to get lost on this way. Although there is one Truth, it is not easy to discover it in life and it’s even harder to accept it.

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