a parcel for a Hermit

January 21, 2013 3:05 pm

So the Captain of the “Harbour” is leaving for his “me-time” alone with the One who holds all of us in the hollow of His hand.

So many of us owe him so much – of his time, being there for us, his readiness to share his experience, guidance and assistance. Always on the way, in journeys, called to all emergencies, pursued on the phone and by kilometers of texts or e-mails. On the train  or car – sleeping off the nights during which he stayed up to receive the last penitent. Because you must always find time for another man.

Isn’t it great that for the nearest two weeks we’ll be able to pay him back with our prayers, to ask Heaven for all the blessing needed in the hermitage?


So let’s support him in his stay at the end of the world. On the other hand – it is enough to stand in front of the Holy Sacrament to be quite close.

The Editors (=what’s left of them for the coming two weeks 😉 )


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