A New Beginning

December 2, 2012 9:47 pm

I don’t know about you, but I love beginnings. Although immediately the words from my Latin class spring to my mind that omnes principium difficile (every beginning is difficult), I keep looking forward to every new beginning. This is the opportunity to correct all the past failures, to get involved in something new, this is always a solemn moment. A new academic year, a new running season (let me remind you that it starts in the winter 😉 ), a new skiing season (although it does not really apply to me because I don’t ski very well), a new… So many important things that only just start.

And today is the beginning of the new church year. It is so important to me. More and more the most important one. Some time ago the dividing line used to be the new school year. Then, for a while, it was the calendarl year, starting on the 1st of January, and later – the working year – the new academic year. But now my heart rejoices most at the new church year because I am more in the Church than anywhere else.

We start with new resolutions, with a new zeal, we start  the efforts of self-improvement –  to make our nearest and dearest even happier, so that the world becomes more beautiful thanks to me.

Fr Jay

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