The Feast of Annunciation

March 25, 2014 7:46 am

“…name him Emmanuel, which means “God is with us!” (Is 7:14)

From today on He will be with us. Hidden in His Mom’s womb, under Her heart. At this moment, only she knows about Him. Nine months later He will appear to the world.
The most intimate relationship between the mother and child. This is His beginning in this world. God, who came to meet us and save us, came in the most spectacular way. As a child, as a member of the family.

Every mother knows how unique and special this time is. And today we are invited to keep Him in our hearts, to let Him grow in me and show Himself through my life.

“The Word of God became flesh and made his dwelling among us; and we saw his glory.” (Verse before the Gospel)


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